Once you start with the process of creating an online store for your business; there are some important questions pertaining to your store, about which you must give a deep thought.This article traces solution for one such question which might affect the effectiveness of your online store over the course of time- the shipping system. creates your online store in just few clicks, but these clicks should also be right to develop the most efficient site according to your needs and desires. Enabling the correct shipping strategy for your online store is the path for a smooth sail in the near future.

Listed below are the options available by for shipping purposes. The store created is powered by these shipping methods. You may enable or disable them either during the commencement of the store or later on if you feel the need.

1.) FedEx: This service provides you with the option of delivering your product nationally or internationally. The brand name is enough for the reputation of this service. provides you the pre-integrated module for this system, rest you have to set up an account with them to use their services as per your needs.

2.) Flat Rate: This option helps you approve a flat rate (which is decided by you) for one or more zones where your products need delivering. And you can collaborate with your preferred courier company at the back hand. This method is best for delivering the products locally and you can also negotiate delivering rates with the local courier companies.

3.) Free Shipping: This option renders you to decide whether you wish to deliver your products free of charge if the customer has done shopping for a fixed amount or more. For example, you may have seen the provision in some sites where they provide free shipping if the bill is Rs.500 or more. Similarly you can also fix such amount for your store and provide free shipping to some customers. This method helps creating loyal customers as nobody likes paying for shipping and enables them to come again and again.

4.) India Post: The store created by comes with pre integrated rates of Indian Postal Service. These rates are calculated according to the weight of the product and the region of the delivering address. The system will generate the shipping fee automatically depending on the shipping address and show the customer same.

5.) Per Item:In this method, you can set shipping rates for every item separately depending upon your needs. This option comes handy when the buyers generally buy only one product from the store. For example a buyer has need of only one item from your store, therefore to cut his expense of shipping rate you can set rates of shipping for different items.

6.) Pick up from Store: This shipping method involves the customer to physically come to the real address of the online store and pick up the product. With the availability of this option, you present the customer to visit your online store in the real world and also check out your other products.

Though shipping methods are some amount of charge paid by the customers to get their products delivered, it can also be seen as a method of increasing customers and generating loyal base in the future. By delivering products on the decided time and place, you may be able to win the buyer’s trust and enable them to shop from your store again. Also by providing the option of free shipping you can encourage the customers to buy more products from your store and increase your sales.

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