This is the digital age and competition is very tough. To compete in the market small Indian businesses are required to walk shoulder to shoulder with big brands to create space for themselves. 2xE.com helps them make their space online. One can know more about the purpose of 2xE.com at http://www.2xe.com/purpose-of-2xe-com/.
What 2xE.com offers?
2xE.com offers to create an online store for free. Starting with shopping software to hosting space and payment gateways, 2xE provides for everything free. There is no hidden charge or fee at the end of the procedure, nor does 2xE asks you to post any advertisement on your online store.

Features of the store created:
1. Free web hosting: Web hosting means providing space for storage and access across internet for websites. 2xE.com provides free web hosting to its customers. A store is provided all the space needed by its owner initially. If in future, more space is also required for the store, then also 2xE.com will provide it for free. Generally other web hosting service providers charge a good amount for their services, 2xE.com does it for free. This feature is essential for people who want to create their online stores but are low on funds.
2. IOSC: India Optimized Shopping Cart is the software used in creating the online stores by 2xE.com. This software is fully equipped with all the features of a world class shopping cart in addition with some additional features required for an Indian shopping cart. This software is tried and tested for e-commerce engines. With this software in hand, a business can create its online store at equal par such as big names. One can easily check out the design of the store created by clicking on the “demo” button on 2xE.com.
3. Additional Features: Some additional features of IOSC include:

  • Compatible with Indian tax system (option to charge VAT / Service Tax)
  • Multiple tax rates for various states
  • India shipping zones
  • Indian currency option with currency sign ₹
  • India Post (Speed Post) weight based shipping rates pre-integrated
  • ICICI Bank, CCAvenue, EBS, PayTM, PayU Money, Instamojo and several other Indian payment gateways pre-integrated.

Where other e-commerce engines charge a lump sum for such features, 2xE.com provides them for free.
4. Mobile Friendly: The online store created will be able to function properly on any device. IOSC is friendly with all types of devices such as iPhones, android, iPads, desktops, laptops, etc. One need not worry a thing about the functioning of the store.
5. BLOG: The blog at 2xE.com keeps on adding new relevant information regularly to update you about things important for your online store.
6. Documentation: the process of creating the store is very easy. In just three simple steps, one can create their online store for free. In addition to this, the process of how to set up the store is also provided on the site. By clicking on the Docs tab one can understand how to configure their store and how to add products.
7. Customer Care: If any query arises, one can always contact and ask for help at info@2xE.com. The programmers will help you solve your problem at the earliest.

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