Five reasons to have your own online store

Five reasons to have your own online store

Starting one’s own business is a brave move, but what’s more brave is taking your business online as it requires more time and attention. Going online not only increases the sales of a business but it’s actually the need of the hour. With internet available to every person on hand and making instant decisions with no time to spare, online shopping has changed the face of shopping industry in the last decade. To make your products recognizable, available and desirable to a large number of potential customers’, online store can be seen as a one-step solution.

• Easy access for customers :-By creating your own online store, you welcome buyers in your shop where only your exclusive products are visible to them. They have easy access to your shop via net and since it is your own platform; the USP of your products is highlighted in front of the buyers.

• Create your own brand equity :-By setting your own online shop one gets a chance to build your own brand equity. By selling your products via your own online store you also sell your name which later becomes synonymous to your products and buy you consistent customers. The products won’t be referred to as Amazon or any other site bought products.

• Access to customer list :-Through his own online selling portal, a person is the sole owner of his business and thus has access to his customer base- their names along with their contact details, preferences, demands and products which they buy regularly. This list can be considered a golden hen for one’s business. Since the seller is aware of his customers; it is easier to approach them via mails and also the buyer is aware where to approach for products regularly. Having our own e-shop also helps you earn loyal customers as one is not given all this information when conducting business through other platforms.

• Your own return policy :-The big market platforms allow long time return window (15-30 days) which results in too many returns. Either the buyers use the product and return it within the duration window or cancel it citing meaningless reasons once they are delivered the product. This only results in the loss of business for the seller since they end up paying high penalties for such returns. These sites are too buyer friendly and provide less security for the sellers. Operating through his own store, the seller can ensure the safety of his products and services and control the return schemes along with transactions between him and customers.

• Proper description of the product :-Having your own online store helps you in properly cataloging your products, define them with proper details and make buyers aware of the customization available. The seller decides the proper price of the products along with different combination discounts and offers which he can make available for his customers after adding the shipping and packaging charges.

Setting your own e-shop is more beneficial and better than selling on third party e commerce platforms since here one gets a real chance to deal with customers like in the real world. A business makes its own name and is not depended on others for its reach. Also it ensures not only customer protection and satisfaction but also looks after the seller’s interests.

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