The next step one takes after creating their online store with 2xE.com is to create a menu. Devising a list of categories and putting different products under them is a tedious and important task. But one of the main questions that have the ability to complicate the matter for the owner is PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. One is supposed to write a magnificent and attractive product description keeping in mind the buyers point of view. All the basic questions need to be answered in that description to convince the buyer and leave him/her without any queries.

Many of store owners may think that Product description does not affect sales. Well that is not entirely true. Some e-commerce studies suggest that sales drop by 20% due to unclear or missing product information. To avoid not providing the useful and essential information, the store owner should keep in mind some important points which are as follows:

1. Answer the question of WHAT. What are the details of the product including the basic dimensions and peculiarities. One may also include how this product is different or better than same products available at other sites. Ensuring that you have clearly and tactfully given the WHAT description, the owner is mostly able to grab the customers’s attention.

2. WHO can use this product? The most important part of a product’s description is who can or should use the product. Stating who can benefit from this product and what purpose this product will serve to the customer increases the chances of the customer buying the product.

3. WHEN the customer can use the particular product also adds up to the charm of the product. Giving small and precise information as WHEN one can use the product improves the description of the product.

4. HOW to use the product: this is one essential detail which no store owner should miss. One should clearly clarify the instructions about how to use this product in simple terms. The reader should be able to interpret the workings of the product so that he becomes more and more interested in buying the product.

5. The WHY question: Why should someone use this product and what benefits will this product give them should also be mentioned. Will this product be able to complete their needs or is the product the answer to the problem they are searching for. Mentioning such details helps in making up the reader’s mind into buying the product.

6. Break the monotony: escape form writing a corporate type description and opt for something unique and exciting. Put yourself in the place of the reader and then draw some exciting description to capture their attention.

7. Make it look like an affordable PRIZE: People often suffer guilty from the spending too much money buying online. To ensure that they don’t feel guilty while looking at your product, make it look like an affordable prize. It should sound like a one-time deal where they come up as winner.

The main idea about writing an attractive product description should keep the custo9mer engage and help him make up his mind to ultimately buy the product.

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