The dream of having a successful online store for your business can partly be completed via The dream can only be fulfilled if one is able to please their online customers, turn them into loyal customers and convert more and more viewers into buyers.

What some may notice that despite good traffic being driven to their online store, they may not be able to stop potential buyers into customers. Sometimes it can be the lack of interest of the viewers or many a times it can also be due to the lack of any kind of lucrative offers for them.
This article covers some points on how one can charm their online viewers into online customers.

A person may be checking out certain items on your online store but it is up to the store to charm them into buying the items.
When selling online, one’s business has no salesman to understand the needs of the customer and show them products of their liking. Their salesman is the online store itself. Therefore it is very important for the online store to be eye catching and lucrative to charm the customers.

1.) First time discounts: This scheme is considered as one of the most efficient way to charm the first time viewers on the online store. Offering discount of some amount or percentage encourages viewers to try your products. It’s like a win-win situation for everybody as the customer gets the product/services for a lower amount and the seller gets a customer and increase in sales.

2.) Offering free Shipping: after one is done adding items in the cart, what may set their mood to click the payment icon is free shipping. Cost of shipping the products is seen as an unnecessary expenditure. Everybody likes to save money and get the best deals since there are many deals available online. What the owner of the online store can do is provide free shipping option for customers who shop for a certain amount or more.

This is again a win-win play for both the parties. To avail the option of free shipping, a customer may buy one or two items more thus resulting in the increase of sales of the store.

3.) Offer Money back guarantee: One of the threats a customer feels while buying any product online is the condition of the product. There is always a possibility that the product delivered be may not up to the customer’s expectations or something different. To help them overcome this fear, an online store owner can offer so offer of money back in such cases. However, one should not work in loss while offering such schemes (as even the customers can be at fault). But one can surely offer some help to provide some sort of comfort to the buyers.

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