Many people wonder about how can a company can offer to create an online store for free with free hosting services without charging anything. Where other website developing companies charge a good amount of money for their services, we at provide the same services free of cost. From hosting services to collaboration with payment gateways, all the features required for a dynamic and functioning website are provided for free by our site

But why does is doing this service and not charging any amount? Does charge any hidden fees in the future? Is is going to charge for hosting integration? Are we really providing free online shops? Will there be any requirement of identification document or annual maintenance charge? Or is there any additional charge for the software?
Such questions and many more are constantly in the mind of anyone who comes across for the first time. The reason behind these questions is one can find it difficult to accept the fact that one company is willing to provide all the essential services for free is quite surprising.


The reality is when one collaborates with our site; they just need to acquire a domain name for their online store. The rest of the functions of the online store are provided for free. There are no hidden or additional charges towards the end of the service given. Neither does post any kind of advertisement or paid promotions on the online store. The website created via solely belongs to the owner without any kind of interruption from the makers. The users are free to choose their design and templates for their online store. There is no condition by the makers to put up any advertisements or promotional messages about or any other website. The store solely belongs to the owner who is free to operate it as per his/her likes.


The reason why is providing everything for free is because we feel that technology should be made easy and available for everybody. The age that we live in a digital world therefore everybody should also live according to it. The makers of are following the mindset of the tag of #madeitindia . All businesses, regardless of their size and strength should be given a functional site to showcase and sell their products online. There is no personal gain by

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