While selling your products online via branded and trusted platforms such as amazon and flipkart looks more than tempting and easy; it is not always as such. These brands may be easy and approachable but they too ponder the risk of damaging your own name. Due to their easy policies for merchant account, any person in any corner is entitled to open their account with them. But what happens when you sell through these popular and trusted e-commerce platforms?

Anything that glitters is not gold and same is the case with these e-commerce engines. A numerous number of risks are involved after you open an account with them.

1.) The very first risk which a seller may take upon himself while selling through big brands is entering a big competition. Since these platforms are open for all, so technically there can be numerous people selling the same product for different prices. In addition; these big platforms have the policy of showing the cheapest option available to their customers in first search. Therefore, the risk involved is to keep the price of the product to the lowest to ensure sales.

2.) The other risk which has come into notice in recent times is identity theft of the seller. For example you have started selling some handkerchief through amazon under some name. You also start getting good orders and reviews from people and you develop a good customer base also. What can happen is that some other party can also start selling cheaper handkerchiefs for low prices which almost identical name as yours. Then, you cannot even report the crime committed against you and also your well-built reputation and customer base. Instead if you create your own website and start selling, nobody can steal your identity and also the regular customers will again and again visit your own website.

3.) One more major risk that can hamper your image is the fraud committed by other people through these sites. We often hear how some customers receive something else in place of the product offered. For example, some body may order an expensive mobile phone and received a well packed box of the phone containing soap. That person will naturally complain about this crime to the police and also defame the platform socially for selling him a hoax. To avoid being a partner in this, a seller should make his own website where he is in charge of all the happenings. If a customer is satisfies, only then can a seller flourish greatly.

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