2xE.com AS A HOST

2xE.com AS A HOST

In our previous article, we discussed about web hosting and compared free web hosting to paid web hosting. In this article I shall point out how 2xE.com works as a web host. The website 2xE.com aims at developing websites for small business owners free of cost and provide them with a platform in a virtual world.

Where other free hosting services attach a lot of terms and conditions before creating your website, 2xE.com does not. In fact, 2xE.com aspires in furnishing a Digital India. The main objective of 2xE.com is to make internet services free and easy for everybody in India by giving them chance to try it for themselves.When you hire a professional to develop a website for your store, it creates a quite a hole in the pocket. In addition to this, they may take unnecessary amount of time to charge you extra. Now, when the technology has evolved to this level that in only three steps one can create a running website for their store, one should keep up with the changing times.

Instead of approaching a professional, small business owner can take matters in their own hands and create a good running website very easily whose command will be in their own hands. Let’s see how 2xE.com is a better choice for this purpose.

• In comparison to other free web hosts, 2xE.com does not attach any sub domain to the domain name of the website they create. They ensure that the owner is under no obligation to promote 2xE.com in any way.

• The second point being that 2xE.com has “no forced ads” policy. Where other paid or free web hosts may have the condition of forced ads on the website created, 2xE.com does not. It simply aims at promoting you via your work and products.

• Thirdly, 2xE.com does not charge for server space which they provide. They not only create a website for free but also provide you with free server space for the site on the internet. They also available for expert advice online. Here anybody can ask queries related to any site work.

2xE.com does not limit the space they provide. This space is extendable according to the need of the website created.

They have no qualms in adding different pages to your website if the need arise.

By weighing all the options , one can easily decipher that 2xE.com is indeed a better option for not only creating websites but also as a web hosts in comparison to all the options available. Independent business owners or new entries in the world of business should save their time and money by investing in this website to increase their sales and creating a brand name of their own free of cost.

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