The everlasting wish of starting your own business sometimes just remains a wish for a long period of time. Why, even when one wants to quit their boring and traditional job, they still adhere to it? Why, even having the whole idea worked out, they are not able to put their words in action?

The answer to these questions is one: FEAR. The fear of losing their resources and time on an idea that may never fetch them enough profit. The fear of leaving their fixed income and venturing towards an unknown territory that can affect their whole future is a reasonable fear. Nobody wants to enter financial crisis in today’s date. Yet, the dream of having his/her own business should also be worked upon and not left idle. Most promising solution for this problem is starting an online business rather than a retail business and then expanding it to the latter.

But, is this the correct solution? Let’s consider some major points regarding both the methods.

1. COST: when opening a Rental Store for your business, there are a lot of expenses that one has to bear. The rental store comes with the expense of rent, electricity, labor and other utilities. In comparison to this, opening an Online Store is cheaper. One does not have to deal with the issues of rent or other utilities expense. With, one can get their online store setup with free web hosting and payment gateways integrated for free. Creating an online store with is an effective and efficient way of opening a store with minimum of resources.

2. DESIGNING: For the opening of the Rental Store, one needs to design the space according to the products they are selling and the targeted audience. The cost of decorating the store is added in the cost of opening of then store. This cost is greater than what one can invest to decorate their Online Store. An online store can be created for free with the help of for free. One can either comply with the templates which are already offered by the site or also upgrade to some premium designs. The cost of the templates is more wallet friendly than the one billed by decorating a real office.

3. REDECORATING: Rental Stores demands time consuming re-decoration, since the store logo or any other change requires more amount of time and money as compared to the ONLINE STORES. Working Online provides you with the opportunity of making some changes within some minutes. In addition to this, this doesn’t keep your store from being under construction for a long time.

4. MARKETING: one needs to build a customer base while starting an online or offline business. They need to advertise their store through various mediums to create awareness about their store. In the case of Rental Stores, the potential customer base is constrained to the nearby areas. In the case of Online Stores, one can attract customers regardless of the area. Anyone anytime is able to visit your online store and do purchasing. The concept of an Online Store is useful not only for your customers but for you also. There is no time limit where you need to be present at the store.

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